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We are a specialised Educational Counselling and Advisory Company. We offer advice and counselling to students, parents and employers that wish to access the educational opportunities available at our partner institutions We also assist students that wish to develop their English language at schools and language colleges across that English speaking countries.

We could cater for almost all needs and requests. We also have several options for Young Learners to develop their English during the We started in 2008 and employed the accumulated experiences of our employees to serve students wishing to study abroad.Our services are free for most students, but this does not diminish our interest in service quality and details. We make sure that the universities and schools we deal with are recognized and provide the best services to our customers.

Our Services

Students nowadays have a lot of opportunities to choose the best university education all over the world. We would like to give you a few of the best options for you


Our expert counselors guide you through selecting the right path in your educational journey, offering personalized advice tailored to your aspirations and goals.

University Selection

Navigate the complexities of choosing a university with our comprehensive support, ensuring you find the perfect match for your academic ambitions.

Admission Processing

Simplify your application process with our assistance, from document preparation to submission, for a hassle-free journey to your chosen university.


Discover your home away from home with our accommodation services, connecting you with comfortable and convenient living options while you study.

Student Visa Counselling

Receive detailed guidance on visa requirements and application processes to secure your student visa, with support every step of the way.

Pre-Departure Briefings

Prepare for your educational adventure abroad with our pre-departure briefings, covering everything from cultural nuances to practical advice for living overseas.

Study Destinations

Across Various Countries


United States


United Kingdom





Our Accepted Students

Meet our global achievers who have embarked on their academic adventures with our guidance and support.

Omar Ibrahim

Omar Ibrahim

Student in UK

Testimonial Quote

My journey to studying in the UK was made seamless thanks to UKuni. From the initial counseling to securing my visa, every step was meticulously guided. Truly grateful

Ali Hassan

Ali Hassan

Student in USA

Testimonial Quote

I achieved my dream of studying in the USA with UKuni's expert advice. The university selection process was daunting, but their support was invaluable

Mohamed Wasfi

Mohamed Wasfi

Student in Australia

Testimonial Quote

The pre-departure briefing from UKuni was a game-changer. It prepared me for the cultural shift and the academic rigor of Australia. Thank you, UKuni, for the head start!

Kareem Fathy

Kareem Fathy

Student in New Zealand

Testimonial Quote

Finding the right university in New Zealand was overwhelming, but UKuni's personalized counseling made it possible. Their guidance was crucial every step of the way, from choosing the best university to settling in. support!


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UKuni partners with top universities to offer you unparalleled educational support and opportunities for academic excellence

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Discover insights and stories from our students and experts that will guide and inspire your educational journey.

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