Computer science is the theory and practice that underpins information technology; we're proud to have been its birthplace and to remain at its forefront today.

A number of the world's first computing machines were produced by researchers in the Department, and the first-ever stored-program computer was created at Manchester. Today we continue that heritage - using our leading facilities and high teaching standards to educate the next generation of computer scientists.

From our base at the University's Kilburn Building, some of the subject's brightest minds work on undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as impactful research. We're one of the largest schools of computer science in the UK and our courses are developed with input from wider industry.

About Dr. Sarah Clinch

Sarah is a computer science researcher and lecturer and PGR Recruitment Director in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Manchester, UK. Her research is focused on the development and deployment of data-centric pervasive computing architectures for new and emerging application domains. Her research includes both user and systems elements, and addresses concerns such as trust, privacy, security, reliability. She has a strong interest in creating robust systems that can stand-up to long-term, real-world deployment.

Thursday November 26, 4:00 pm KSA

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