Pathway to Becoming a Doctor in the US or UK

No other medical school in the world provides more new doctors into the US healthcare system*

Let us introduce you to SGU during this interactive virtual session covering academics, admissions, and scholarships. We will share (and answer) the 10 most important questions you should ask of any medical school. Led by an SGU Recruitment Manager and includes a live Q&A.

*Data as of September 2020.

Our Speaker

Sebastian Courage
Director Middle East and North Africa

About St. George’s University, Grenada (SGU)

Founded in 1976 with the goal of drawing the best talent and practices from around the world, St. George’s University has become a leading center for academic excellence worldwide. With students and faculty drawn from more than 150 countries, we truly are an international institution, with a uniquely global perspective, perfectly poised to help educate students in this rapidly changing world.

St. George’s University has been providing the world with highly trained doctors for more than 40 years, and has an extensive international network of over 18,000 MD alumni around the world. In addition to four-, five-, six-, and seven-year Doctor of Medicine (MD) programs, the School of Medicine awards master’s degrees in public health, epidemiology, microbiology, and other sciences, as well as PhDs in many disciplines.

The School of Medicine is committed to student success within an international academic environment, and has outstanding international student success rates. In 2019, St. George’s University’s international students achieved a 97% first-time pass rate on the USMLE Step 1. 92% of eligible non-US 2020 graduates who applied for US postgraduate position obtained one at the time of graduation. It is the largest international provider of new doctors in the US for the last 11 years combined, and its graduates have practiced in all 20 Top Hospitals in the US, according to US News & World Report 2020-2021.

Monday March 8th Time 5 pm KSA

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