Study Medicine MD Webinar

Want to Study Medicine MD with potential earning of US$370,000 per year?
UKuni has organized a free webinar to educate the students planning to study medicine in the 1st among all institute for doctors with USA employment opportunity.

Here are the benefits:

  • No limits on International Students on the MD program
  • Pathway for School graduates and - Bachelor Degree holders available
  • Do clinical practice in UK or USA
  • Complete 85% residency in USA
  • Get two degrees in One
  • Potential earning of US$370,000 per year
  • Highest pass rate in USMLE1 tests
  • Generous scholarships for excellent students

Webinar Speaker: Andrew Birchett

He is the Regional Manager, Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

For the last 11 years, Andrew has served in various international recruitment leadership roles in the UK. Most recently over the last 7 years, Andrew has been responsible for the direct recruitment activity for the Middle East and North Africa in his role as International Regional Manager.

He has expanded that role in to the medical field with SGU. His key responsibility is to support, students on their dream to be a Doctor.

23th May 2021 at 7PM KSA

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