Kaplan March Sale

If you are planning to start your studies in 2020, this is the last promotion that will allow you the necessary time to receive your I20 before the year is out. With the plan to change the Step 1 to Pass/Fail, as an IMG you should prep now while you can still differentiate yourself with a three digits score. More than 20% of the positions in the match are filled by IMGs, this will continue to be the case. US medical schools do not train enough students to fill these positions. IMG’s WANT a way to stand out against their competition, so getting a high score on Step 1 in the next two years should be a priority. A high scaled score helps IMGs stand out against their competitors for residency spots.

This March is the perfect time to start your Step 1 prep, so you can stay on track for a residency match. Studying for the USMLE on your own can be overwhelming, but you can prep with real doctors who have been there. We'll help you build a personalized study plan so you can focus on just the content you need to review. We also wanted to let you know that Kaplan is offering up to 20% off of USMLE prep options in March. Also you can meet with a Kaplan Medical expert advisor for free and ask any questions you have about attaining Medical Residency in the US and planning out your USMLE study plan. No current plans for comprehensive to have a larger discount in 2020

Today, thousands of doctors mathced into a U.S. residency program. It's a huge accomplishment, especially during this uncertain time when healthcare is more important than ever.

We want you to stay on track for your own match. Our community of USMLE® experts is here for you with free 30 minute consultations to help you continue with your plans.

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